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Politics is not a picture on a wall or a television sitcom that you can decide you don't much care for.
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With Willie Mays dead, is his godson, Barry Bonds, the greatest living baseball player?
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 21:43:49 GMT

Choosing the greatest living baseball player now demands parameters. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez have the stats, but they are stained by PEDs.

AA meetings in the White House? Kennedy, a recovering addict, says it's just one of changes he'd make
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 19:53:03 GMT

After 14 years hooked on heroin in his youth, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he is ready to take on the "scourge of addiction" as president.

Prosecutors allege Alec Baldwin engaged in 'horseplay' and acted recklessly on 'Rust' set
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 17:16:57 GMT

Ahead of Alec Baldwin's July trial in Santa Fe, a special prosecutor alleges that videos show the actor-producer "engaging in horseplay with his gun and pulling his gun when the scene did not call for the pulling of his gun."

Supreme Court upholds Californian's drug trafficking conviction that leaned on expert's opinion
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 16:41:01 GMT

Justices voted 6 to 3 to reject Delilah Diaz's claim that her trial was unfair because an expert's testimony strongly suggested she must have known drugs were in her car.

Supreme Court upholds a tax on corporate wealth held overseas
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 14:11:02 GMT

Supreme Court disappoints conservatives who had hoped it would rule that the Constitution forbids taxes on accumulated wealth.

Calmes: Can the kowtowing to Trump get any worse?
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 10:05:57 GMT

House Speaker Mike Johnson's 'quiet' actions in Congress announce how far from the country's interests Republicans are willing to stray.

She sang for 'El Chapo.' Now the cartel kingpin's lawyer wants to be a ranchera star
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 10:00:10 GMT

She's 'El Chapo' Guzman's lawyer, using her bond with Mexico's most notorious cartel kingpin to launch a singing career. Onstage, she's La Abogada.

Disney told L.A. residents to move to Florida for a planned campus. They did, it was canceled and now they're suing
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 15:34:13 GMT

A lawsuit seeks damages for Disney employees who moved from California to Florida after the company told them they were being transferred — and then backtracked.

California races roiled by border, immigration. It could tip control of the House
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:58 GMT

With immigration at the forefront of the presidential election, the southern border has become an increasingly significant down-ballot debate in California.

What Americans want from food: Energy, muscle strength, better health and less stress
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:52 GMT

There's a lot riding on Americans' food choices, including trillions of dollars in spending and our collective risk of developing a slew of chronic diseases. A new survey shows what we want to eat, and why.

Column: Biden-Trump debate nears amid hopes to avoid another Dumpster fire
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:42 GMT

Frank Fahrenkopf, who helped found the Commission on Presidential Debates, has concerns about how Biden and Trump are sidestepping the process this election.

A Ukrainian 'King Lear' comes to Shakespeare's hometown. Its actors know true tragedy
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:20 GMT

Ukrainians displaced by war find new purpose in Shakespeare's play of love, loss and madness, bringing their blood-red version to the bard's hometown.

Column: This GOP-leaning political polling firm has turned into a purveyor of anti-vaccine propaganda
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:14 GMT

Rasmussen's polls used to be known for their pro-GOP bias. It has now moved on to pushing anti-vaccine nonsense

Opinion: You know what might cool off North Korea's nuclear program? Balloons carrying K-pop
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 10:00:14 GMT

Kim Jong Un is terrified of South Korean news, music and TV shows reaching citizens of the North, so much so that he might pause some weapons programs to avert an influx of USB drives.

Avocados toast? Price and availability could suffer after USDA halts some Mexican inspections
Wed, 19 Jun 2024 00:44:05 GMT

The United States Department of Agriculture said this week that it has suspended inspections of avocados and mangoes imported from the Mexican state of Michoacán, a move that could slow the flow of the popular fruit into the United States and result in higher prices for consumers.

Ecuador moves to restrict U.S.-bound Chinese migrants, many of whom cross border in California
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 18:25:15 GMT

Ecuador moves to crack down on Chinese nationals who fly there en route to the United States. Most cross the border into California and seek asylum.

Goldberg: The Supreme Court's role in our partisan polarization has been greatly exaggerated
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 10:00:47 GMT

Even on divisive issues such as guns and abortion, the court's recent rulings were driven less by ideology than by Congress' abdication of its legislative role.

One Sasaki throws hard, another hits homers. Will Rōki or Rintaro be MLB's next Japanese star?
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 10:00:41 GMT

Rintaro and Rōki Sasaki might be the next big names jumping from Japan to MLB. Rintaro will be a freshman at Stanford, and Rōki is waiting for the right opportunity.

Immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens protected from deportation under Biden's latest action
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 09:00:23 GMT

President Biden's action will shield those without legal status who are spouses of U.S. citizens and have lived consecutively in the country for at least 10 years.

A tiny fern with a big secret just got into the Guinness Book of World Records
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 18:02:34 GMT

A species of fork fern, Tmesipteris oblanceolata, that grows on a South Pacific island has the largest known genome of any plant or animal. The question is: Why?

Should FEMA recognize extreme heat and wildfire smoke as 'major disasters'?
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 11:00:23 GMT

Making the Federal Emergency Management Agency formally recognize extreme heat and smoke would unlock crucial disaster relief funding during those events.

Alzheimer's drug's potentially fatal side effect, ARIA, obscured by 'soothing acronym,' doctors say
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 10:00:48 GMT

Genevieve Lane, who took Leqembi, died of a mysterious side effect called ARIA. Her death, and those of two other trial participants, have some doctors questioning whether the risks of the Alzheimer's drug are worth its benefits.

Trump lionizes Jan. 6 rioters as 'warriors.' Could the dog whistle be any louder?
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 10:00:44 GMT

Trump is promising militia members who fight for him that if he wins, they will not only be protected from the law, they will be celebrated as heroes.

During Watergate, the Supreme Court spoke with one voice. Can it do the same in Trump's case?
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 10:00:22 GMT

The Supreme Court is once again being asked to help unify a nation deeply divided over some founding principles. Will today's justices rise to the occasion?

Threats of terrorism in the U.S. are 'more diverse and difficult to counter'
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 10:00:11 GMT

The threat of terrorism in the U.S. is "not more potent than it was around 9/11, but it's certainly more diverse and difficult to counter," a researcher says.

How an amputee soccer team is helping Ukrainian soldiers overcome the trauma of war
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 11:00:07 GMT

Valentyn Romaniuk lost his leg fighting for Ukraine against Russia. Now he and other Ukrainian war veterans are playing on an amputee soccer team.

Calmes: The Trump veep guessing game is silly
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:11:14 GMT

Everyone's wondering whom Trump will choose as his vice presidential running mate. They should be asking why anyone would want the job.

Biden, Obama raise more than $30 million at glitzy L.A. event
Sun, 16 Jun 2024 00:55:56 GMT

President Biden joins former President Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts at star-studded fundraiser in L.A. that raises more than $30 million.

Why Biden's protest problem has reached deep-blue California and why it matters
Sat, 15 Jun 2024 10:00:45 GMT

Former President Trump was once greeted in California with street protests. Now his visits generate more supporters than foes. A troubling sign for President Biden?

Traffic alert: Biden, Obama will appear at downtown L.A. fundraiser Saturday evening
Sat, 15 Jun 2024 10:00:32 GMT

Ticket packages for the fundraiser featuring President Biden, former President Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts cost up to $500,000.

Why so many California Indians lack the federal recognition given to other Native Americans
Sat, 15 Jun 2024 10:00:13 GMT

San Diego County's San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians is one of a number of tribes in the state that are still fighting for federal acknowledgment.

James Lawson's booming voice and loving spirit left a lasting mark on this UCLA professor
Sat, 15 Jun 2024 10:00:00 GMT

A UCLA professor says James Lawson's devotion to Gandhi's teachings on nonviolence and love shaped his life of activism.

U.S. punishes Israeli extremists accused of blocking, ransacking humanitarian aid for Gaza
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 19:32:17 GMT

For months, extremist Israeli group Tzav 9 has been blocking lifesaving aid meant for Palestinians struggling to survive in the war-torn Gaza Strip, U.S. officials say.

Opinion: The Supreme Court went out of its way to ignore common sense on bump stocks
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 18:25:04 GMT

The only explanation for the Supreme Court's 6-3 bump stock decision is that the ultraconservative majority supports gun rights virtually without question.

Catherine making 'good progress' in cancer treatment as she announces partial public return
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 17:46:48 GMT

Catherine, Princess of Wales, issues the first substantial update about her health since revealing in March that she is battling an undisclosed form of cancer.

How independent will Mexico's next president be? This controversy gives a hint
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 17:25:22 GMT

Will Mexico's president-elect be AMLO 2.0 or an independent leader? A push for a controversial judicial reform hints at Claudia Sheinbaum's direction.

Supreme Court strikes down ban on rapid-fire bump stocks like those used in Las Vegas mass shooting
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 14:20:37 GMT

The U.S. Supreme Court rules that bump stocks are not the same as machine guns and cannot be outlawed.

Opinion: Are the campus protesters angry enough with Biden to vote for Trump?
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:02:06 GMT

History says the Israel-Hamas war won't be the deciding factor in the November election. History could be wrong.

This one thing may derail your shot at healthy aging, scientists say
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:00:16 GMT

Exercise is good for you. So is a full night's sleep. But the easiest way to boost your chances of reaching your senior years in good physical, mental and cognitive health is to turn off your TV, new research suggests.

'Not a happy election': Why this star-studded Hollywood fundraiser is so crucial for Biden
Fri, 14 Jun 2024 10:00:08 GMT

Top-ticket packages for Biden's L.A. fundraiser cost $500,000. Thousands are expected to attend the star-studded event, which features former President Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

Opinion: What a relief. The Supreme Court did the right thing on mifepristone
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 19:10:48 GMT

We should be thankful that the ultraconservative Supreme Court unanimously dismissed an antiabortion case that never should have gotten that far in the first place.

Ukrainian family of slain 'Rust' filmmaker again sues Alec Baldwin, other producers
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 18:22:08 GMT

"Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins had planned to bring family members to the U.S. before her tragic death on the movie set. They have dropped their legal efforts in California to pursue a lawsuit against the producers, including Baldwin, in New Mexico.

Column: The abortion pill is safe. Is your uterus?
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 16:47:59 GMT

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling protecting access to a common drug used in abortions, the far right will continue its assault on women.

Supreme Court rules for Starbucks, limits power of judges to protect fired union organizers
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 14:42:20 GMT

In a setback for labor, Supreme Court limits the power of judges and NLRB to protect union organizers.

Supreme Court rejects California man's attempt to trademark Trump T-shirts
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 14:20:53 GMT

In case involving a California man, Supreme Court rejects trademarks that rely on a person's name, including former President Trump.

Supreme Court upholds FDA's approval of abortion pills for early pregnancies
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 14:16:38 GMT

Supreme Court tosses out conservative Christian group's attack on the abortion pill mifepristone, the most common method of abortion in the U.S.

Opinion: Donald Trump's advice on drinking and drugs is 'Don't start.' So what's wrong with that?
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 10:30:56 GMT

Echoing Nancy Reagan's "Just say no," the former president told Fox News that he never had trouble with intoxicating substances because he never tried them.

At Nixon library, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for cutting U.S. military budget in half
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 10:00:42 GMT

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says the United States faces an existential threat because of its insistence on behaving like an imperial power.

Biden brings up 'Dad' a lot. Trump, not so much
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 10:00:41 GMT

President Biden honors a dad he said promoted dignity and honor, while Donald Trump says his "tough" father taught him the art of bargaining.

Marijuana was supposed to help Thailand. Why is the country planning to ban it again?
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 09:00:21 GMT

Two years ago Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalize marijuana. As in California, it hasn't worked out as planned.

Israel and Hamas at odds over cease-fire pact details as international pressure builds
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 19:23:10 GMT

Disagreements over the endgame could doom the Israel-Hamas cease-fire deal if the warring sides aren't willing to negotiate.

Zelensky to Europe: A Russian victory in Ukraine would lead to the unthinkable
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 18:19:35 GMT

Ukrainian President Zelensky is all over Europe, including at the G-7. His message? Ukraine's war with Russia and Putin is Europe's fight, too.

Birthday gift to Hall of Fame: Legendary Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley's archives
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 18:00:09 GMT

Peter O'Malley donates 70 boxes of his father Walter's documents and photographs, providing a road map of the Dodgers franchise from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Los Angeles.

Inflation eases in May, but major relief on interest rates not coming soon
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 15:41:33 GMT

The economy has shown some signs of cooling, though job growth remains strong and average wage gains are running slightly above the rate of inflation.

MAGA figures say far-right wins in Europe are good news for Trump. Are they right?
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 10:00:41 GMT

Immigration, inflation, and a rejection of the mainstream — Trump's favorite themes — have played a role in the far right's rise in Europe.

As Earth warms, California gets federal funding to train climate-ready workforce
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 10:00:18 GMT

California is among nine U.S. states and territories selected to receive $60 million in federal funding for a climate-ready workforce.

Biden vs. Trump: Where they stand on Israel, Palestinians, Middle East
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 10:00:14 GMT

A comparison of Biden and Trump on Mideast policy. The biggest disparity between the two candidates may be their attitude toward Palestinians.

The White House wants to remove medical debt from credit scores. Here's why that's a big deal
Tue, 11 Jun 2024 21:14:04 GMT

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed to eliminate medical bills from credit reports in an effort to address the burden of such debt on millions of Americans.

Litman: A jury was right to find Hunter Biden guilty. It's the prosecutor who was wrong
Tue, 11 Jun 2024 19:30:42 GMT

President Biden's son was singled out for an unusual indictment by special counsel David Weiss, a former U.S. attorney under Donald Trump.

Goldberg: Immigration could get Trump elected again. Here's how Democrats keep getting it wrong
Tue, 11 Jun 2024 16:14:35 GMT

Elections in Europe and the U.S. are being driven by the issue. President Biden's policies haven't reassured those concerned about the border and lawlessness.

Hunter Biden found guilty of three felony charges in gun case
Tue, 11 Jun 2024 15:23:03 GMT

Coming in an election year, the verdict is sure to be seized on by political opponents of his father, President Biden, and to be spun as a win for GOP leaders.

Rev. James Lawson, civil rights leader who led Nashville lunch counter sit-ins and Freedom Rides, dies at 95
Tue, 11 Jun 2024 00:44:27 GMT

Lawson was recruited by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Lawson spent decades in Los Angeles working as a pastor, labor movement organizer and professor.

A hometown jury decides Hunter Biden's fate: 'It's time to end this case'
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 22:30:49 GMT

Closing arguments are made in case of President Biden's son, who faces three felony charges surrounding the possession of a firearm.

Supreme Court asks Justice Department to weigh in on climate change suits in California, other states
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 15:17:49 GMT

The Supreme Court puts off a decision on whether to intervene in the fight between blue states and oil industry.

Will a diet that's good for the planet also help you live longer? Here's the evidence
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 14:47:16 GMT

The more people followed environmentally sustainable diets that emphasized nutrients from plants, the lower their risk of death from cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and a variety of other causes, a new study finds.

In Europe, even if 'center is holding,' far right ascends
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 11:03:06 GMT

European Parliament elections yield victory for centrists, but in France, far-right landslide triggers snap parliamentary elections.

Years after California put abortion on the ballot, Nevada and others try the same. It won't be so easy.
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 10:00:36 GMT

Nevada and Arizona are among several states working to get abortion rights on ballot measures in 2024

Opinion: The Supreme Court's lack of accountability is worse than you think
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 10:00:28 GMT

The far-right Supreme Court majority has bigger accountability problems than Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas.

Column: Biden is old. Trump is too. But only one of them would trash the Constitution
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 10:00:27 GMT

Biden is 81. Trump is turning 78. Neither is as crisp or coherent as they once were. So why do age questions focus on Biden?

Dear USPS: This California town wants its post office back
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 10:00:00 GMT

The 1,500 citizens of Bolinas, ZIP Code 94924, lost their post office more than 15 months ago. They are fighting to get it back with their most cherished tool: creativity.

She's Hunter Biden's rock. She may also be his secret weapon with the jury
Mon, 10 Jun 2024 09:00:05 GMT

In the theater of the courtroom, a trial where the prosecution's star witnesses have been three of Hunter Biden's former lovers, Melissa Cohen Biden's role is singular and potent with the only audience that matters now — the jury.

Opinion: Interracial marriage went from criminal to commonplace. Could it go back?
Sun, 9 Jun 2024 10:30:08 GMT

Loving Day marks the Supreme Court case that legalized mixed-race marriage and was a precedent for the right to same-sex unions. Such freedoms seem vulnerable now.

Trump raises millions in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills in post-conviction appearances
Sat, 8 Jun 2024 17:48:50 GMT

Former President Trump, in his first post-conviction fundraising swing, raises millions of dollars throughout California.

Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut who took iconic 'Earthrise' photo, dies in plane crash
Sat, 8 Jun 2024 01:11:48 GMT

Astronaut Bill Anders, who orbited the moon aboard Apollo 8 in 1968, has died in a plane crash off the coast of Washington state. His photo 'Earthrise' captivated the world.

Supreme Court justices disclose book advances, including nearly $900,000 for Jackson
Fri, 7 Jun 2024 19:23:10 GMT

The Supreme Court justices are limited in earning outside income, but not for writing books. Here's what they got recently.

Prince William says that Kate Middleton is getting better amid cancer treatment
Fri, 7 Jun 2024 18:46:20 GMT

Prince William shared another heartening but vague health update about his wife, Catherine, telling a war veteran she's getting better amid her cancer treatment.

Calmes: Biden's urgent, disquieting D-day message — democracy has to be saved all over again
Fri, 7 Jun 2024 18:45:11 GMT

The subtext of the 80th anniversary commemoration of D-day was insecurity, the unsettling shift toward fascism in the U.S. and Europe.

Opinion: Helping Ukraine to strike inside Russia is already paying off
Fri, 7 Jun 2024 10:00:44 GMT

The Biden administration's decision to allow U.S. weapons to be used for attacks within Russia has weakened the Kremlin and will rally allies.

News Analysis: Why Biden's order on the 'out of control' border may not fix Democrats' political problem
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 19:53:54 GMT

Biden is playing defense on immigration with his action to limit asylum claims. It's one of his biggest political problems, interfering with his attacks on Trump.

First human death from bird flu subtype is recorded in Mexico, officials say
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 18:23:44 GMT

The first deadly human case of a subtype of bird flu has been confirmed in Mexico, the World Health Organization announced Wednesday.

Tyler Skaggs' death revisited as MLB partners with White House to reduce opioid overdoses
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 17:12:00 GMT

Major League Baseball's emergency medical procedures now require that the antidote for opioid poisoning naloxone be made available at all ballparks.

What you need to know about Biden's plan to end the war in Gaza
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 16:13:46 GMT

Both Israel and Hamas are coming up with objections to a U.S. plan to end the Israel-Hamas war, which would see a cease-fire and a surge in aid for Palestinians.

Photos: A visual report from the border following President Biden's rollout of asylum restrictions
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 14:50:33 GMT

Photos of first migrants reaching California border after Biden's asylum order

Calmes: Which is it? Biden the mastermind or Biden the bungler?
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:51 GMT

Republicans want you to believe a power-abusing President Biden engineered Trump's Manhattan conviction, even as Biden's Justice Department is putting his own son on trial.

The U.S. has caught up to California on views of LGBTQ+ rights, poll shows
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:50 GMT

California was once at the forefront of support for LGBTQ+ people. A new poll finds that views in California now match those of Americans across the nation.

Q&A: How American medical institutions helped make D-day a success 80 years ago today
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:41 GMT

The Allied invasion of France was one of the most consequential events of World War II. U.S. medical institutions helped make it a success, in Europe and home.

Americans approve of LGBTQ+ people living as they wish, but their support drops for trans people, poll shows
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:40 GMT

American support for LGBTQ+ people has surged since 1985, but support for transgender and nonbinary people lags, according to a new poll for The Times.

Religion and politics create the sharpest divides over LGBTQ+ Americans, poll shows
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:38 GMT

A large majority of Americans says that LGBTQ+ people should be allowed to live as they choose; the minority that disagrees is largely defined by politics and religion.

Extreme heat and weather threaten health at nearly every stage of life, WHO says
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 10:00:34 GMT

Pregnant people, newborns, children, adolescents and seniors face serious health threats from global warming, yet their needs are neglected, researchers say.

Far right expected to gain strength in European elections. Will divisions lessen impact?
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 09:30:11 GMT

Far-right nationalist-populist parties are expected to make major gains in European Parliament elections. How will they use their new clout?

Inside the race to train more workers in the chip-making capital of the world
Thu, 6 Jun 2024 09:00:11 GMT

Taiwan, which makes one-fifth of the world's semiconductors, is facing a severe shortage of workers.

Tired and confused, first migrants reach California border after Biden's asylum order
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 22:48:53 GMT

How President Biden's executive order limiting asylum is playing out on the California-Mexico border.

Column: Ted Cruz and Katie Britt claim to be protecting IVF with a new bill. Don't believe them
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 18:25:49 GMT

Republicans Ted Cruz and Katie Britt are lying when they say their proposal would protect IVF nationwide — it would still allow states to prosecute families who use the method to have a child

Lebanon captures gunman following U.S. Embassy attack
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 18:23:44 GMT

A security guard is injured in the attack, which comes amid heightened fears of a wider war between Lebanon and Israel.

Earth breaks heat and COâ records once again: 'Our planet is trying to tell us something'
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 14:30:33 GMT

Global average temperatures and COâ levels continue to soar. May was Earth's 12th consecutive hottest month on record, officials announced this week.

Abcarian: House Republicans would rather demonize Anthony Fauci than help Americans survive the next pandemic
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 10:19:51 GMT

A House hearing devolves into unhinged conspiracy theories about Dr. Anthony Fauci's role in the pandemic

Heat wave or heat dome? Yes, there's a difference
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 10:00:38 GMT

The term 'heat dome' has gained prominence recently as climate change, El Niño and other variables have warmed global temperatures and shifted weather patterns.

Opinion: The Oceans Court ruled that the seas are a hot mess. Why haven't you heard about it?
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 10:00:37 GMT

Coral is bleaching, kelp is disappearing, surface water temperature has hit hot-tub levels. The ocean's ailments are approaching a boiling point.

Kim Jong Un 'polite' and Trump 'practical'? Former South Korean leader says so in new memoir
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 09:00:00 GMT

In a new memoir, the former South Korean president who brokered nuclear talks between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump has kind words for both.

Hunter Biden's words come back to haunt him as trial on gun charges begins
Tue, 4 Jun 2024 22:16:55 GMT

In a memoir, the president's son described taking and cooking crack as going 'into the darkest recesses of your soul, as well as the darkest corners of the community.'

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